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time to care for patients. >>> and a government report shows guantanamo bay detention camp can be closed without hurting u.s. security. they say 166 people right now are being held there and they could be moved to federal prisons -- prisons throughout the u.s. there are others with no reports of security problems. today there is a job fair and it is just for military veterans. the recruit, military job fair begins at 11:00 this morning at the oakland coliseum. it runs until 3:00 this afternoon. crews from a lost employers, including ge, lows and amtrak will be there looking for new workers. veterans and new federal reserves are invited to attend. >>> and san jose city hall includes 3 glass pedals that unfold on the outside revealing a series of years inside and it is a small scale version of a public art project. this is a winning tee sign asking them to use silicone technology but the proposed final sculpture would cost $20 million. >>> there are reports that pro- football players are taking viagra to make them more athletic. how does it sound to you? or is it legal? that con
on income and that will happen if congress and the president cannot reach an agreement on government spending before the end of the year. >>> two bay area companies will help finance a study on the nutritional value of organic foods. now they are putting money into research on how different foods and their affects can affect health in the environment. they hope to disprove research that produce is not anymore nutritional than conventionally grown foods. >>> does anybody want it? why state officials say they are holding on to money they can't giveaway. >>> the royal palace has confirmed a future to the royal air is on the way. we will have more on why something this could start a baby boom. . >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, a live look at the dow jones industrial average, very close to that 13,000 level, one stock that could certainly help, there it goes, home depot doing well and more is yet to come. >>> millions of dollars but nobody to claim it, and the state of california has $14 million in tax refunds but nobody to send them to. they rang up to $35,000 and to
, it is not legal and you can't do that until they make rules for opening shops. now the federal government is reminding everybody, marijuana is not legal under federal law. >> couldt graduations. >>> it is now legal for same -- congratulations. >>> it's now legal for same sex couples to marry in seattle. dozen have lined up outside the administration building shortly after they assigned the new video. we want to show you a photo of kate middleton leaving the hospital with her husband prince william and what went wrong during her stay and we will have more on why the hospital is now apologizing. >>> they are hoping to cash in on a big promise. joining us from sunny veil, with details, you have to bring us back some soup and bread. >> okay, i will do that, pam, just for you, but that big promise, free sourdough bread for the entire year. >> reporter: check out this line, the first person in line showed up and we are live at the latest area in sunny veil california and some people have come out as far as new york but we are here with ross. how are you doing? tell us what people can expect? >>
federal law and if the government defensive marriage act. defines marriage between one man and one woman is constitutional even in states that recognize gay marriage. reporting live alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco city officials have asked the ninth circuit court of appeals to provide 24 hours notice before lifting its stay on same sex marriages. that is so the city clerk office can prepare for a rush of couples wanting to get married. there are plans for a horrible celebration. >>> a california woman accused of serving mushroom soup that killed four senior citizens has been ban from working at state senior facilities for the rest of her life. earlier this month five people got sick after the soup they ate. the woman claimed she did not know the mushrooms were poisonous but the state has ruled the deaths an accident. >>> mother is continuing her search for glues. kristin evans is from san diego. she was in san francisco yesterday to post reward fliers on the anniversary on her son's death. she says 20-year-old brandon was hanging out with friends near the horseshoe pi
. >> republicans should not be conceding the federal government needs more money. >> reporter: we will be hearing from democrats shortly. minority leader nancy pelosi is holding a news conference. we'll have that for you during our next update. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a los angeles area fire house is under fire for letting an exdeny letting an exercise company shoot a racy video inside its station. the video by shows a scantily dressed woman dancing around. the station was also in trouble last year for allowing some fire trucks to be used in a porn movie. >> san francisco police are using a new tool to help solve crime. the public can help use it to send in tips. coming up what police plan to do each week to close some unsolved cases. >>> 6:17. we have wet roads this morning. tara you are watching everything incolluding 101 in san francisco. >> we do have a lot to talk about at hospital curve. it's just kind of hard to see and a lot of lane changes. if we take a look at our maps we can show you some of thics accidents here. first o
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5